Unusual Easter Traditions

Unusual Easter Traditions

Easter is mostly celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In some cultures it is a perfect celebration for welcoming spring. The celebration is mostly about attending a mass, making delicious food and having nice family time. But in some other countries we can encounter some really unusual Easter Traditions. Let’s have a closer look!


1) Norway: Solve a crime!

The Norvegians have a five days bank holiday+ when all businesses are closed, so there is plenty of time to solve one crime or two… In Easter they read crime novels known as Paskekrimmen. Television stations are broadcasting lots of crime thrillers. In the magazines there are lots of printed „whodunit” stories. Even milk cartoons have a mystery story printed on their sides.


2) Greece, Corfu: Watch your head!


In Corfu on Easter Saturday the Greek throw crockery and pots out of windows. Apparently, this act represents the rejection of Judas. Some people believe it symbolizes getting rid of evil. This custom might have grounds in old Venetian tradition of throwing out winter things and be ready for the new season. So, if you are planning to be in Corfu on Easter Saturday, be sure you wear a hard hat to protect your head


3) France: The world’s biggest omelette!

We eat plenty of eggs in Poland, but France breaks this record! Easter omelettes are being made all over France. However, in Haux in the Nante province they prepare a big omelette in a huge pan in the main square. They use more than 4,500 eggs to feed around 1,000 people.


4) Switzerland: Decorating wells.


The Frankonian Swiss decorate their wells to celebrate the gift of water: life. The wells are really colourful and decorated with hand painted eggs and spring flowers.


5) Papua New Guinea: No chocolate for Easter?

It is not about chocolate! In some places, small trees are decorated with cigarettes and tobacco sticks. They are handed out to people after the Easter mass.



Mystery – a novel, short story (krotkie opowiadanie kryminalne)

Crockery – China dishes , etc (naczynia stolowe)

Rejection – the sate of being refused to accept (odrzucenie)

Evil – the devil (zlo)

Well – a hole drilled in the earth to obtain water (studnia)

Rebirth – a new, second birth (odrodzenie)

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