Eat, Explore, Relax in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Eat, Explore, Relax in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

There are many more things to do at the Yucatan Peninsula, but I chose three spots worth exploring. They are a bit of hidden treasures. Are you a nature and beach enthusiast? Then, you will love those mesmerizing spots!

Lets Talk Pink in Las Coloradas

The stunning pink lakes are located in the north-east of the Yucatan Peninsula. They are called Las Coloradas. The mesmerizing landscape is famous for its cotton candy-colored waters, pastel blue skies, and soft white sand beaches. They are part of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, a protected UNESCO Biosphere and home to many exotic animals, including flamingos, crocodiles, jaguars, sea turtles, and all different types of birds. It is a perfect place to go for a one-day trip. If you are located in Cancun, it will take you 3.5 hours to get there.

Interestingly, the water in the lake is pink due to the water and surrounding environment, which are incredibly salty. This attracts shrimp, plankton, and red-colored algae. As the water evaporates in the sunlight, these organisms become more concentrated, thus creating the famous pink water.

Another interesting fact is that the flamingos there are pink because they eat the red-colored algae, plankton, and shrimp from the water. Believe it or not, their feathers are naturally white.

Beware of the Crocodiles in Ría Lagartos

Ría Lagartos, called Ría Lagartos Reserve Natural Park is a protected environmental reserve, located on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a body of semi-enclosed fresh water. Its biodiversity is characterized by abundant mangroves, and rich marine fauna, including birds, reptiles, and fish.

If you take the boat, cover your face and body in mud as the ancient Maya did. The white clay is a natural exfoliant that contains high amounts of sulfur, seaweed, salts, nutrients, and other minerals that hydrate and exfoliate the skin. The ancient Maya used mud as protection from the sun and mosquitoes. Then, swim in the lake to wash the mud from your body and to refresh yourself.

A Quiet Sanctuary in Holbox

The Holbox island is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Its waters have rich marine flora and fauna, including sea turtles, flamingos, and pelicans. Try the delicious plant-based food, great for vegans and vegetarians in one of many restaurants around the island. See the sunset on the pier. Grab a fresh coconut, and sit and watch in awe as the sun sets in the Gulf of Mexico. Do not forget to book a private boat tour to the 3 islands: Isla Pajaros, Yalahao, and Isla Pasion. Spot some birds in the Isla Pajaros. Make a short stop on Isla Pasion for a selfie, then dive in the Cenote Yalahao. If you are lucky, you can have this place just for yourself!



mesmerizing – capturing one’s complete attention as if by magic (hipnotyzujące)

cotton candy – a fluffy, sweet confection whipped from spun sugar and gathered around a stick (wata cukrowa)

evaporate – change from a liquid or solid state into vapor (odparować)

abundant – plentiful (obfity)

mangrove – a tropical tree that grows in mud or at the edge of rivers and has roots that are above ground (namorzyn)

reptile – a vertebrate animal of a class that includes snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, and tortoises. They are distinguished by having dry scaly skin and typically laying soft-shelled eggs on land (gad)

mud – soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water (błoto)

sulfur – a pale yellow, brittle nonmetallic element that occurs widely in nature, especially in volcanic deposits, minerals, natural gas, and petroleum (siarka)

seaweed – large algae growing in the ocean waters (wodorosty more)

nutrient – a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life (składniki odżywcze)

hydrate – to supply water to a person to restore or maintain the balance of fluids (nawilżać)

exfoliate – remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to improve its appearance (złuszczyć, np. martwy naskórek)

pier – a platform supported on pillars leading out from the shore into the water used as a landing stage for boats (molo)

grab – to take hastily (złapać)

awe – a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder (podziw)

selfie – a photograph that one has taken of oneself and shared on social media (zdjęcie robione samemu sobie, fotka samolubka)