Delicious Chicago

Delicious Chicago

The success of every trip is beautiful weather, magnificent photo opportunities, great company, and  great food! If you ever come to the USA, to the windy city, Chicago, you have to try this food!

Chicago is considered as the top culinary capital. The immigrants coming to this city in the mid-1800s bringing hope for a better life and also their culinary traditions. Today they are part of the culinary culture of Chicago.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

This is the MUST EAT local food! Why this is so special? First, it has a flat tall buttery base filled with mozzarella, topped with tangy homemade tomatoe sauce. Surprisingly it has a lot of vegetable, which makes it easier to eat. It is so delicious that you want to take the large size! Once you cut though the first slice, the melty cheese is stretchy and you just want to keep on eating it until all the pizza disappears in you stomach! We ate at Giordano’s. It is a popular touristic place but you can find this dish in many places in Chicago. Do not miss this amazing culinary experience!

Corned Beef

This dish was brought by the Irish immigrants in 1800. This used to be the dish of the poorest people living in the city. It was made of the cheapest cut, brined, spiced and served with cabbage. Now, it is served with a sandwich and a pile of tender beef slices between two slices of butter-soft rye that is literally melting in your mouth!


The history of this dish is long. You got to taste this legendary dish and the best chicken Vesuvio in the town in the Italian Village! You will be served a half chicken with roasted potatoes, sweet peas, garlic and white wine.

Chicken Pot Pie

This specialty it is best to try in the Walnut Room on the 7th floor of Macy’s on State Street. They are serving this classic since 1890!It is a comfort and calorie packed dish! It is especially good when days start to get colder. This dish is rick, creamy, filled with full of chuncky chicken, tender carrots, celery and peas. It is enrobed in golden crisp pastry.

Take a Stroll like Agent 007

After tasting all this delicious food, take a walk in the beautiful 57th Street Beach. It is tucked in the Hyde Park neighbouhood. This beach is a part of historic Jackson Park, which is one of the oldest parks and the site of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. It is a great choice after visiting the Museum of Science and Industry across the street. And now, they have famous 007 James Bond temporary exhibition. Stop by and admire the famous James’s Bonds cars and gadgets. You will be amazed!



tangy – pleasantlt strong and sharp flavor (pikantny)

stretchy – having tendency to stretch, especially excessively (ciągnący się, np. ser)

topped with – if food is topped with something, it has that thing on it or over the top of it  (tu: składniki układane)

brined – soaked or preserved in salty water (marynowany w słonej wodzie)

spicesd – flavoured with spice (przyprawiony)

cabbage – a cultivated plant eaten as a vegetable, having thick, green or purple leaves surrounding a spherical heart orf young leavex  (kapusta)

a pile of – a heap of things laid or lying one on top of another (sterta)

melt – become more tender, disappear by disolving (rozpuszczać sie)

chuncky – formedof thick pieces (grube, wielkie)

enrobed – dressed, covered with (tu: pokryte, przykryte)