Ugly Sweaters, Secret Office Santa Presents and Christmas Pajamas

One thing is for sure, Christmas is all about magic, delicious food and wearing smart clothes. With the United States, things might look slightly different. The Americans take everything in a relaxed and fun way. That might be the answer to all the stressful organization of Christmas parties.

For those who are used to super traditional Christmas, certainly the omnipresent ugly sweaters, Christmas pajamas, and some American office secret Santa presents might be a shock.


The Ugly Sweaters

Some might remember ‘Bridget Jones’ movie and Mr Darcy’s legendary ugly sweater with a huge red-nose reindeer given by his mother so much despised by horrified Bridget. The ugly sweater is ‘the new kid on the block’. It started as a fashion in the 50s, flourished through 80s, and finally embedded itself as Christmas modern tradition: the ugly sweater! Who doesn’t know it? You know which one…. The one that has flashy colors of red, white and green, is a wooly pullover and has tacky Christmas inspired motives on it, such as reindeers, snowman, dogs in Christmas hats. It might have some 3D elements on it like pom-poms or little jingle bells. The ugly sweater is a part of festive look at some office Christmas parties.


Secret Office Santa Gifts your Coworkers will never Forget akademosakademos

Secret Santa has become a fun part of Christmas and it’s almost impossible to escape this gift-giving system in the office, at home or friend’s parties. The well-thought presents are always good for a few laughs, especially with funny gifts. Do not feel surprised if you get a tape holder that is shaped like a man sitting on a toilet or a pooping unicorn – every time you lift its tail, a jellybean pops out of its bottom. Another good idea for a present for fans of the series Games of Thrones is the Egg of Thrones egg cup. For staying at home lovers, there are always furry slippers. Thanks to them, your feet will never be cold again!


Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve

As a new tradit

ion, American families choose to spend Christmas Eve in comfort and fun in the matching pajamas. Kids and parents love this new tradition for several reasons. It promotes a sense of closeness to families and togetherness. The bonding and joy of each other’s company on Christmas Eve leads to wonderful memories the whole family will treasure. Not to mention the pajamas or PJs are perfect for taking cute family photos.


Whether you decide to wear an ugly sweater or festive pajamas, have wonderful Christmas filled with joy and hapiness, and a Happy New Year 2022!



omnipresent – present everywhere at the same time (wszechobecny)

reindeer – any of several large deer of the genus Rangifer, of northern and Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America, both male and female of which have antlers (renifer)

ugly – very unattractive or unpleasant to look at (brzydki)

despised – to regard with contempt, distaste, disgust, loathe (znienawidzony)

flourished – thrive (rozwit)

embedded – incorporated into something as an essential characteristic (osadzone)

jingle bells- a hollow, round, metal bell with a metal ball inside, which makes a jingling sound when it moves (dzwoneczki)

tail – the hindmost part of an animal, especially that forming a distinct, flexible appendage to the back end of its body (ogon)

furry- covered with fur (futrzany)